Chinese relationship traditions are unique, complicated affairs with a lot of symbolism and tradition. Even though many of the good old customs are international dating for chinese no longer being used, there are a few that still show up at Offshore wedding events.

A tea service

The traditional Offshore tea wedding is often included within the wedding day. This ceremony is an excellent way to show value to the father and mother of the few and to present them to one another. The ceremony is usually done on the couple’s home and serves to formalize their very own relationships when using the family.

Double delight symbols

The dual happiness icon, or Shuangxi, has become an example of one of the most recognizable images on Chinese language wedding designs and is a common icon found on bridesmiad gowns. This mark presents happiness which is a sign of good fortune meant for the bride and groom.

Dragon and phoenix, arizona candles

Wax lights are a big part of Oriental weddings. They may be said to provide luck and magic to the ceremony. They might be red or perhaps smokeless and they are used to light the room.


Matchmaking is actually a traditional custom in China that helps to locate a partner to get young people. This requires a lot of legwork and can be very time consuming.

After a son finds a girl he wishes to marry, the 2 main families match for a betrothal ceremony called Guo Da Li. This is where the boy’s parents explain their plan for a marriage towards the girl’s parents and ask any time they approve.